About Us

Community Enhancement Services (CES), a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, was established in 2016. at CESS we focus on guiding seniors and their family members with resources to help them in various aspects of their life. We believe in giving back to the community’s elders for spending their lives in making the world a better place. Our goal is to utilize our youth and educate them in community service and its benefits to help our elders and provide them services for their ease. We work with senior daycares and provide services such as transportation, food accommodation, adult day programs, and helping the elderly with their chores. We believe our purpose is to accommodate and help make the lives of the elderly as easy as possible for them while building healthy character among the youth that the elderly deserves care and convenience at their age. CES believes that the world has already seen enough hostility and we must make sympathy and peace the central thematic values of this century.


Our Mission

The mission of Community Enhancement Services is to promote sympathy and care towards the elderly and to provide as many elders as much care, love, ease, and comfort as we can provide; to make this a value, we have also made it our mission to improve the indulgence of young people in community service programs and in helping the elderly to understand the impact of their contributions to the society. The focus of CES is not just the elderly, it’s the youth too. It is important to develop the ideologies of the youth to create a lasting impact and bring change within a system, therefore at CES, we utilize the youth to their full potential and educate them to be more sympathetic towards the elderly and to take care of them.

Vision Statement

Our vision, at CES, is to create a sustainable, never-ending value of caring for those in need in society; therefore, we directly focus on engaging the youth to take a stand and bring a positive change in attitudes towards the promotion of sympathy and empathy, two most important values for a prosperous society. We also aim to increase the range of our list of services and supports being provided to the elderly from transportation, adult day programs, helping with chores, and providing home-delivered meals, we also plan on expanding to provide services such as nursing care facilities, personal care services, and bettering ease through technology. CES is determined, more than ever, we believe in making goodwill the source of all human activities.