Skill Development Activities for Students

At CES, the students are explored for their interests and their potential skillsets. Skills are an important part of every human; it defines what we are good and bad at. The skill development program at CES focuses on developing life skills and special skills, we teach our students how to prosper in society, from basic social etiquette to complex networking, and we also help our students explore their interests and develop their skills. Our expertise ranges from psychological to physical development of our students therefore we keep our students mentally and physically sound and fit.


Health and Fitness

CES has two sets of focus groups: the youth and the elderly. We believe exertion plays a pivotal role in a person’s health. As long as a person is exerting, they are more likely to stay healthy, therefore at CES, we mobilize our elderly community and indulge our students to exert their energies in a variety of exercises as a part of our Health and Fitness program. This program has been designed to help our youth feel less anxious from their societal pressures and our elderly from diseases of old age. We do it in developmental stages to accustom individuals to the training therefore the practice of starting slow and progressing towards a more rigorous regimen fits our program’s objectives.

Safety Program

The safety program is an important characteristic of CES. It is an essential part of the organization that promotes healthy character building. The contents of this program vary, ranging from conflict resolution to health decisions, peer mediation to violence prevention tactics. This program aims to guide and facilitate students in making healthier and safer choices. We utilize the expertise of our staff to teach our students how to maneuver through their life by making healthy and intelligent decisions for themselves.


Healthy Communities

At CES, we care. Therefore, we do not just exclude people that don’t fall in line with our focus groups, we also help in forming healthier communities and promoting a prosperous communal action within a group of individuals or even an entire society. The Community Health and Wellness program thrives at the core of CES’s mission. We believe that the family is an integral institution for all people, therefore we focus on promoting healthier relationships within families. We also focus on providing refugee communities with various workshops, outreach programs, and support groups for their families and individuals to make healthier choices and access the community’s resources. We tend to create awareness of vices, among refugees, that they may not be fully aware of; this helps them in making healthier decisions and staying away from issues such as addiction, mental health issues, second-hand smoking, etc.